I really like good photography. Found this Flickr via noxrpm.com - a really really great blog.

Sugoi. I don’t even like classical music.


10,000 Singers - Symphony No. 9, Fourth Movement (“Ode to Joy”) (Osaka-jō Hall, 2011)

What it says on the tin. Ten-thousand (non-professional) Japanese singers, wailing the shit out of some Ludwig Van.

Pretty amazing.

Sanity Break: 10,000 member choir sings Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy”

In this video from Osaka, Japan, a 10,000 member amateur choir performs the “Ode to Joy” section of Beethoven’s Symphony Number Nine. The concert is an annual event, but this year’s performance — recorded in late December 2011 — was dedicated to the victims of the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

Jump straight to 06:40 if you just want the money shot. But, don’t miss out on some of the wide, crowd shots. It’s shivery.

Joy, beautiful spark of the gods
Daughter of Elysium,
We enter, drunk with fire,
Heavenly one, your sanctuary!

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Title: Trees bronze in my country, too 25 plays

Seems I’ll be going to the studio soon to record these tracks for real.

Spring Tour shows.  There will be a show in Chicago a few weeks after.  Come see me if you happen to be in TN or SC. 


WBEZ Article with Bubbly Creek EP mentioned ›


Our very own Andrew and his most recent EP, Songs from Bubbly Creek, were just mentioned in an article about the Chicago River and cultural resources for positive change on the WBEZ website. Speaking of efforts to re-reverse the river and its troubled history it mentions, “…the notorious Bubbly Creek (speaking of cultural resources check out local Andrew Malo’s ode to the notorious stew, the 2012 EP Songs from Bubbly Creek).”

Click on the link above to hear the songs on bandcamp, read about the thinking that went into the album, and purchase the album!

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From our tour practice sessions, as a submission to couch by couch west.

why low tunnels are great - they keep your crops warm all winter and when spring comes…. !

There was once a river

Or, should I say, once there was me

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Title: Some things last a long time 859 plays

Woke up with this song in my head. Perhaps it’s the approaching fast.  A friend of mine covered it for a mutual friend who passed a year or two back.  I don’t talk about Gavin very much, but I do think of him often, always with gratitude as he, along with a few others, were fundamental in making me who I am today. 

Rehearsal for bubbly creek tour in 
					<p>Rehearsal for bubbly creek tour in April.  which is not <a href=garage door repair orange county really a tour - more of a few dates in other places.  so far, two shows are set for Knoxville and one for Chattanooga, with a show being setup in Berea, and possibly one in Atlanta.  it is going to be great.